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a.k.a - Ellie

Hanna is the super-hard-working singer with a strong

voice and a crazy laugh. Influenced by bands like Muse, Halestorm and Thirty Seconds To Mars.


In the THIRD ALBUM PROJECT, Hanna is figuring as Ellie, the gossip-making owner of an inn in Erville town. She knows everyone in town, what everyone is up to and she is a great story teller.

OSCAR BJÖRK (guitar)

a.k.a - Jackson



The guitar nerd with his heart set on Nocean’s sound. Influenced by bands like Rise Against, Devin Townsend and Ancient Bards.


In the THIRD ALBUM PROJECT, Oscar is figuring as Jackson, the young magician of Erville town. Beware of his tricks! He knows what he is doing.


The music nerd with his mind bent on figuring out the theory behind every single tasty bassline and note sequence. Influenced by bands like Periphery, The Night Flight Orchestra and Haken.


In the THIRD ALBUM PROJECT, Daniel is figuring as the bounty hunter Tom T. from Erville town. Looking everywhere and with a strong focus on solving the mystery that struck the town...


a.k.a - The Smith



The banana-fanatic master of double kicks and heavy rhythms and he has (broken) drum sticks all over his floor. Influenced by bands like Devin Townsend, Dark Tranquillity and Iron Maiden.

In the THIRD ALBUM PROJECT, Patrick is figuring as the smith of Erville town. Known for his crazy face and mystic look, his true purpose is not yet known. But beneath, he is a friendly soul with a great sense of humour. Most likely.

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