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At the forefront of the stage stands Ellie dressed in a black dress, a purple tie, and long gloves in black and white. By her side are a magician named Jaxon, a man with a crown known as Tom, and a mysterious figure with jet-black eyes named Lex. Behind the drums sits Edward, holding the keys to Erville town's most important places. What binds these five individuals together? And who is Aurora?


Hailing from Sweden, Nocean is a cinematic metal band and has since 2021 been touring on theater stages with their third album project Aurora: The Weight of a Shadow.


Stockholm-based band Nocean combines melodic metal with a cinematic sound and powerful, energetic live shows. The band has released three albums, one of which on a record label, and has performed at festivals such as Sweden Rock Festival, touring Europe multiple times. In October 2021, a unique concept album (Aurora: The Weight of a Shadow) was released, followed by a tour of 16 Swedish theater stages where the band integrated a gothic, animated story and their own light show into the performance. Despite sounding and appearing as if Nocean has a whole team behind them, the band's members work almost entirely independently, handling both the music production and the visual aspects. The latest single and video Break of Spell was released in November 2023 and continues the stories set in Nocean's fictional world.


Hanna Olsson (a.k.a Ellie) - vocals

Oscar Björk (a.k.a Jaxon) - guitar/backup vocals

Daniel Nyqvist (a.k.a Tom) - guitar/backup vocals

Jonas Pettersson (a.k.a Edward) - drums

Robert Lelas (a.k.a Lex) - bass

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