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Hailing from Sweden, Nocean is a cinematic metal band and has since 2021 been touring on theater stages with their third album project Aurora: The Weight of a Shadow.


The Stockholm based band Nocean combines cinematic and melodic metal with a majestic sound and powerful, energized and overwhelming live shows. The band has gained a large following around the world with fans who are demanding to see them on tour. In October 2021 they released their third album, a gothic concept album in a symphonic and progressive direction. Nocean works hard on their own, currently with no label or booking agency, but still they are playing for hundreds of people on their shows.

- We always want to think outside the box. Our third album is really a creative adventure including an animated fictional story and a theater tour. It is so exciting! says Hanna (vocals).


Hanna Olsson - vocals

Oscar Björk - guitar/backup vocals

Daniel Nyqvist - guitar/backup vocals

Jonas Pettersson - drums

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