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At the forefront of the stage stands Ellie dressed in a black dress and a tie. By her side stands a magician named Jaxon, a man with a crown known as Tom, and a mysterious figure with jet-black eyes named Lex. Behind the drums sits Edward, holding the keys to Erville town's most important places. What binds these five individuals together? And who is Aurora?

Cinematic metal at theaters
Stockholm-based band Nocean combines melodic, symphonic metal with cinematic stories and powerful, energetic live shows. In October 2021, their third and unique concept album (Aurora: The Weight of a Shadow) was released, followed by a tour of 16 Swedish theater stages where Nocean integrated a gothic, animated story and their own light show into the performance. This opened up a new creative area for the band and they continue in this cinematic and theatrical field - bringing more than music to their audience.

Nocean has released three albums, performed at festivals such as Sweden Rock Festival and they have been touring Europe multiple times. Despite sounding and appearing as if Nocean has a whole team behind them, the band's members work almost entirely independently, handling both the music production and the visual aspects. 











Three albums
Nocean has developed their sound with every album release. Their first album Nothing To Hide was released on a record label (Attitude Recordings) in 2016, and then the second album Diamond came out in late 2017. Aurora: The Weight of a Shadow was released in October 2021 and was very well recieved.

5/5 Rocknytt
If you like melodic, heavy, well-played and superbly sung metal, you will thank me for the discovery as "Aurora: The Weight of a Shadow" is one of the best Swedish hard rock records of the year and day. Yep, that's how good it is. // It is with pleasure that I hand out my first full scorer on behalf of Rocknytt. ” - Martin Nygren

7/10 Sweden Rock Magazine
“Tim Burton-reminiscent theme as well as romance combined with traditional Nightwish bombasm and a bit of pure pop on this. Nocean has undeniably put together an interesting and inviting sound and this together with an appetizing song material that leaves few doubts worth mentioning. " - Neven Trosic


New music in 2023/2024
In 2024 Nocean is writing new music and also touring at theaters with the Aurora-show - but also doing club- and festival shows with a mixed song list. Nocean is now writing new music and continuing to build their fictional world. On November 3rd 2023, the single Break of Spell was released along with a music video and cinematic teasers. The same follows for the next single, From the Shallows, with release date set to May 23rd 2024.
- We want to pique curiosity about our music and build an immersive fictional world around it, offering more than just a musical experience, singer Hanna says.

Words from the audience
This is what some of the concert attendees have said about the Aurora-show on social media:

"Thank you so much for a wonderful show!! The coolest thing I've ever been to!" - Marcus, Norrköping
"... it's AWESOME!!! You've done an amazingly nice job!!" - Ann-Sofie, Karlstad
"It was great!  We'd love to come back!" - Kristina, Karlstad (Bought tickets for the same show again)
"Thank you for a wonderful performance!" - Jörgen, Norrköping

"You must come to Gävle again!🔥" - Nina, Gävle
"Thanks for a great evening!! You were Awesome!" - Sara, Jönköping
"Thanks for coming to Köping. An unforgettable experience. Outstanding concept." - Woman, Köping



Söderhamn Theater


Project support from Kulturrådet

In autumn 2022, the band's own company (Heartifact Studio) received financial support from Kulturrådet to carry out a project in sound art at three Aurora concerts. The acoustics from famous Swedish places such as Dramaten, Stockholm City Hall and Uppsala Cathedral were used live on the microphone channels. The first performance was in Söderhamn on October 8 and with the singer Liv Jagrell (ex. Sister Sin/Liv Sin) as a guest.

Looking for collaboration

Nocean is looking for collaborations with booking companies, bookers, municipal stages and other partners who may be interested in doing something together.
- We are now writing new music and also looking for other concert collaborations, says Hanna Olsson.


Hanna Olsson (a.k.a Ellie) - vocals

Oscar Björk (a.k.a Jaxon) - guitar/backup vocals

Daniel Nyqvist (a.k.a Tom) - guitar/backup vocals

Jonas Pettersson (a.k.a Edward) - drums

Robert Lelas (a.k.a Lex) - bass


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CLICK HERE to download a zip with press photo and logos.

IG: @nocean


Phone (Hanna Olsson): +46734333867

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